Executive Search


CRW Executive Search Consultants provides executive search services for a wide range of firms which need to recruit key talent. Positions generally range from Director to VP and C-Level executives. Our client companies favor CRW with a high degree of repeat business and our closure rate on retained positions is 100%, which exceeds the industry average by twenty percent. We are proud of the quality of our work.

We are growing nationally and internationally as a top search firm through consistent delivery of quality. Our corporate office is based in Kirkland, Washington which is a near suburb of Seattle.

Our Executive Search Philosophy

As a respected executive recruiting firm, we establish and maintain high standards for the services we provide for our clients and for our own people. We deliver high quality executive recruiting and placement services and strive for continuous improvement. We honor our commitments. We develop long term relationships with client companies based on performance and on mutual respect.

Our approach is to conduct a thorough and comprehensive search on behalf of our clients. We identify and attract top performers for those firms. We supply the client company with candidates who make an immediate impact on their overall productivity. The recruiters supply extensive market knowledge and develop extensive personal networks. Each is trained and experienced in an area of concentration which synergizes with other disciplines. Clients and candidates receive consistent professional representation throughout the recruitment process. We are committed to support our clients in meeting their business goals.

The Executive Search Process

The staff at CRW Executive Search Consultants is experienced at working closely with client management on a regional, national and international basis to successfully fulfill their specific staffing requirements.

Before beginning a search assignment, we will gain a clear understanding of the skills, experience and intangible traits you require. Based on this information we will develop a position spec based on function, corporate culture and critical elements desired. We will then research and define the search universe where these likely candidates will be employed. These include competitors, similar environments and vendors. We will then create a project agenda and/or timeline of when the position will be filled. Our search begins by utilizing our current network of contacts within our client’s business niche to generate leads and referrals in identifying the top talent. We recruit, identify and then qualify candidates to submit only our top prospects from our candidate list. Our top candidates are pre-screened and interviewed before being referred to the client. We also provide the most comprehensive behavioral evaluation which not only identifies success and failure traits, but it additionally lends itself to knowing the longevity of the candidate for the position. While the client begins the formal process of interviewing the final candidates, CRW Executive Search Consultants begin checking the confidential references and degree verification. We take the client and candidate through the offer and acceptance procedure and consult them during the final transition.

Benefits of Our Proven Executive Recruitment Process

The proven search process offers the client company significant advantages over other methods of attracting talented people.

  • As experienced and skilled recruiters, we represent the client company in the most consistent and dignified manner from the initial contact to offer and acceptance.
  • We control the process entirely, interacting with the client on a time-sensitive basis.
  • We operate with absolute confidentiality in critical interventions where replacement is sought for an incumbent.
  • We provide full disclosure on the risks and rewards of any individual considered.
  • We Provide the industry’s strongest Guarantee.
  • We give each of our exec search projects special treatment by offering consultation at each phase because of our experience recruiting key individuals literally thousands of times.

The Retained Approach

If you are a company that needs a client driven executive recruiter then this is the program you need.  This approach ensures a client that the recruiter is spending their time efficiently recruiting for the retained position.  You are paying for a service. What is that service?  As described above, it is a more comprehensive approach to recruiting for a specific and strategic position.  The recruiter creates the position spec with the client and defines the search universe.  The client then receives a project agenda about the recruiting time line.  Both the recruiter and the client work closely together to create a strategic path to the top candidates.  The recruiter identifies, pre-screens and interviews all candidates in person.  In addition, the client will receive a progress update with the names and numbers of all candidates considered.  This guarantees that the recruiter is on the right path to finding the best candidate per the client’s specifications.  Once the candidates have begun formal interviews with the client, the recruiter finishes the process by checking references and degree verification.  The candidate and client are then coached through the offer and acceptance procedure by the recruiter.

Many clients need a strong commitment from their recruiting firm that the position will be filled in an efficient and effective manner.  The clients desire these progress reports and project agendas to add security to the search process that all possible avenues have been thoroughly exhausted.  The Retained Approach is geared for clients that demand results and commitment from the recruiter to represent their needs during the search. Our commitment to satisfying the client’s needs every time is what makes CRW Executive Search Consultants such a respected executive recruiting firm.

We provide a proven system!