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Charles Wadlow

The difference between CRW Seminars and the other seminar speakers for our company, is that Charles Wadlow has individually produced the big billings and his experience is from today’s marketplace.  The fact is Mr. Wadlow still works a desk today and because of that offers our recruiters an invaluable advantage .  Charles Wadlow offers present day successfully proven methods that will positively affect your bottom line.”

                                                                           Jerry T.,  Executive Recruiters Inc.

Charles Wadlow is President of CRW Executive Search Consultants in Kirkland, Wa.  CRW is a top search firm with two regional offices located in Seattle and Phoenix.  Charles has individually billed between $400,000 to $700,000  consistently per year as a recruiter and he is most well known for being the first recruiter under the age of 30 to have billed one Million dollars.  What is even more amazing is that he has transitioned all of his former contingency search clients to become retained clients in less than one year.  From Contingency Search to Retained Search Charles has produced phenomenal results on all levels and has the knowledge to assist other recruiters in reaching their professional goals.  In fact, such FORTUNE 500 type companies like Price Waterhouse, Microsoft and American Express use Charles’ interviewing techniques in their own process because of his strong interviewing reputation.  Charles is also the founder of the largest ethnic chamber of commerce in the State of Washington and sits on three separate Board of Directors for associations in the Seattle area.

“Charles Wadlow is obviously a success story for the Recruiting Industry.  He has a powerful and very charismatic personality with outstanding focus and energy and everyone in our firm was able to utilize at least 3 new ideas/methods. “

                                                                             Management Recruiters Inc.

It is the goal of CRW Seminars to be the most cutting edge executive recruiting forum for recruiters.   A key elemental difference in CRW Seminars is that these seminars are only offered on a limited basis because of Charles Wadlow’s present day thriving search practice.  The information contained in these seminars are geared toward recruiters who need present day answers and want that information directly from the person who has been successful in this industry and continues to be successful driving his practice into the Top 1% of Billings per year.  Learn all the proven techniques that have led Charles to be one of the most successful recruiters in the United States.

In the two day Big Billings Blast, your recruiters will learn the basics of search to the more advanced techniques and secrets of a present day accomplished recruiter.  There is no comparison to the information that is being shared in this seminar.  We are so confident that CRW Seminars will raise your billings immediately that we offer a Money Back Guarantee. If after our seminar you are not completely satisfied with our recruiter training we will refund to your firm 100% of the seminar fee.  The time is now to guarantee your billing success with the present day proven methods of CRW Seminars.

“This training inspires the audience to get right back to their desks and try their  new approaches.  Charles peppers his easy conversation style with REAL situations, and blasts the audience with pragmatic solutions that work with no scripts, no time-wasting, no regrets.  My recruiters listened to him.  They don’t come back from a session and say, ‘Easy for him to say – he’s just a motivational speaker.’  Charles is walking the talk.”

                                                                             Devon James Associates

CRW Seminars

The Big Billings Blast is a two day seminar that is designed to be the most comprehensive training available in today’s market place.   This program is geared toward the beginner to the seasoned recruiter and offers a more hands on and individual approach.  In today’s tight marketplace where quality candidates are ever harder  to find than ever before, the Big Billings Blast will show how each individual recruiter can be more efficient and effective  with their time.


In the first day of the seminar, the Big Billings Blast will take the group through the Recruiting Training Blast to form the basics and second tier basics of the training.  In this first day we guarantee that the recruiters involved will have a much stronger and thorough understanding of the basics by using;

  • ·Real life situations
  • ·Role playing
  • ·Live phone call demonstrations

In the second day, Charles will take the audience through the how to build the dream section to show each recruiter how their dreams of billing 300K, 500K and beyond can be realized.  He will show how these numbers are attainable by working smart not hard for the billings. Charles will show the group that by skillfully leveraging each success  that it will produce an incredible residual and repetitive clientele.

The CRW Seminar:

Executive Recruiting Seminar Topics

the basics

The Placement Call          The Marketing Call             Job Order                

-Approaching the client    Prepping Candidates        Prepping Employer

-Candidate Feedback        Employer Feedback          Final Interview

-Pre/offer Acceptance       Offer Time                            Acceptance

second tier basics

-How to Get Clients            What is a Good Candidate

-Relocation                          Roosing

-Recruiting Plan                  Referrals

-Reference Checking        Resignation Letter

-Counter Offers                   Placement Killers

-Top Interviews                   Top Interview Questions

“The Candidate Charles referred to us was truly one of the best agency hires we have made to date.”

                                                                             American Express

“Charles is an example that brings credit to the search field.  He delivered what he said he could and honored the commitments he made to us.”

                                                                             Price Waterhouse LLP

How to Bill $300,000 to $500,000 and beyond

How to build the dream

-Marketing(100 List)                                               Client Development

-Press Releases                                                          Parallel Industry

-Competitive Intelligence Calls                           Recruiting Calls

-Company References/Clients                           Candidate References

-Board of Directors                                                Expert Articles/Writing

-Referrals                                                                  Associations

-When a Candidate Sends a Resume               Senior Management Contact

-What is a Good Client                                          How Not to Waste Time

-Perception                                                              Phone Voice

-Retainer Contracts                                               Publicity

Today’s newest recruiting strategies;

Recruiting Term Insurance                    Container Contracts                      Seminars                                                     

The Fuel to Feed The Fire

the 9 steps to Recruiting Mastery

-Beginning The Change

            Where have I Been in My Career

            Where Do I Want To Go

-Setting Daily, Weekly and Monthly Goal Targets

            Rewards for Meeting Recruiting Goals

-Creating Lasting Change in Your Search Career Dreams

            Belief Philosophy

            Breaking Limitations

            Develop New Core Beliefs and Higher Standards

            Commitment Decision

            Time Management

-Decisions that Impact Your Life in Successful Recruiting

            The Emotional Change

            Risk Assessment

            Decisions that Feel Good/Bad

-Top Recruiters Work Ethic

            Comfort Zone in Recruiting

            Opportunity Costs

            Pushing The Envelope in Recruiting

-Being a Leader in the Search Field


            Self Reliance



            Contribution to Office Practice

-Dealing with Stress

            When a Placement Fails and How to Pick Yourself Up

            Client Stress vs.  Candidate Stress

            Career Stress vs. Home Life Stress

-Self Audits

            Self Improvement

            Taking Action

Internal and External Image

            What is True About Myself and What is Not

            Do I Have Passion for my career

            My Phone Voice and Presence


            References to Support Continued Success


Going the Distance


Ted H., Culver Careers,

“Charles Wadlow is by far one the highest regarded recruiters in the industry. I have sent multiple recruiters to attend his seminars nationally and after their immediate and positive improvements on their desks I decided to hireCharlesto speak to over 100 of my recruiters inLos Angeles.  Because Charles is successful on his own desk, his training is that much more useful for our recruiters.”

Quinn J., Dunhill Staffing,

“Charles is an impressive recruiter and speaker. Both Retained and Contingent recruiters come to his seminars all across the nation because he is a top producer. My recruiting desk improved immediately after taking his seminar and I highly recommend him.”

Mike G., MRI-The Hudson Consultants,

“I first brought some of my office to see Charles when he visited the Northeast because of his strong reputation from the MRI network. I saw immediate improvements from my staff and from myself after his seminar. The next time Charles came to our area we sent our entire office to see him speak.  He is by far one of the most talented recruiters in the nation today and the best speaker I have ever heard. The proof of his teaching was that we have doubled our billings since his class and some have even tripled their individual desk performance. We now have bracelets for our recruiters that say “WWCD” or What Would Charles Do. He is simply the best!”

Larry C., MRI SE Region,

“Charles comes highly regarded by the entire Management Recruiters Internationa(MRI)I family.  What is unique about his seminars is that he is a full time successful recruiter who does seminars for fun. We see a lot of seminar guys out there who either were not that successful and now they try to teach, or those who did recruit in the past but their information is now outdated. Charles brings present day information and techniques that work everytime and I highly recommend him.”

Greg D., Food Staff 2000,

“My production on my desk sky rocketed after attending Charles’ seminar. In fact, I actually won his “Eagle Award-Dare to Soar” for the most billing improvement in one year.  Charles’ seminars are both entertaining and instructive. He never has a problem keeping the crowd’s attention. I highly recommend him!”

John Paul R. & Mike H., MRI Little Rock,
”All we can say is that Charles is one of the best recruiters in our industry and the best recruiting speaker we have ever seen! Our billings improved immediately after seeing him. We highly recommend seeing Charles in action!”

Hal & Judy D., MRI DALLAS,

“Charles is a class act in the recruiting industry. He knows his stuff and his reputation as being one of the best speakers in our industry is well deserved.”

Fred K., JK Executive Search,

“Charles is one of the best known recruiters among recruiters, and his seminars are the highest rated too.”

Dave S., President of Tennessee Recruiters Association

“I hired him to speak for us because the two Charles Wadlow seminars I attended back around the turn of the century gave me a few philosophies and techniques that changed how I do business. There are a few trainers (VERY FEW) who combine entertainment and content well enough to make me go see them whenever I can. We can’t have them EVERY year so I sought out Charles and convinced him to stop making placements for one day so he could share his methods with our membership.

Charles has not been on the road, because unless you are one of the ‘very few’ I mentioned, there’s a lot more money in headhunting than there is in training.”

Colleen A., President Devon James Associates

“This training inspires the audience to get right back to their desks and try their  new approaches.  Charles peppers his easy conversation style with REAL situations, and blasts the audience with pragmatic solutions that work with no scripts, no time-wasting, no regrets.  My recruiters listened to him.  They don’t come back from a session and say, ‘Easy for him to say – he’s just a motivational speaker.’  Charles is walking the talk. Charles is well known in our industry nationally because he was one of the youngest top billers ever and started working C-level searches after only a few years of experience. He is top of the top!”                                                                          

Dave S., President of Executive Search

“I heard about Charles’ success with placing high level exec’s and wanted to attend his seminar. Not only was I impressed, but he truly knows our profession inside and out. The way he works a desk makes so much sense, but it is not how most recruiters do it. Maybe that’s why Charles has consistently been one of the highest producing headhunters in the country. I would highly recommend Charles.